Frequently Asked Questions


With 20 years experience, our dojo has had many questions asked over the years.  We always encourage you to come in and try a class out for yourself, but if there’s a question you have that you couldn’t find answers to on our site, this is the place to start.

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Aikido class
Does Aikido Work?


The internet is full of trolls who like to snipe from the comfort of their arm chairs about how Aikido is non-competitive or how our training regimen doesn’t include sparring.  The truth is they are welcome to take a class and learn first hand the expediency and efficiency of the system.  Also, did you know, Aikido is the ONLY REQUIRED BLACK BELT for all riot police officers in the Tokyo Riot Police Squad.   Moreover, all female members of the regular Tokyo metropolitan police force must train in Yoshinkan Aikido, the self-defense and tactics training for corrections officers in Ontario is based on Yoshinkan Aikido, members of other police forces including the RCMP train in Yoshinkan Aikido

Is aikido suited for women?

Yes. 100%. 

Because Aikido works on the principles of redirecting an attackers energies against them, Aikido is perfectly suited for women. In fact, Women tend to do very well with Aikido because (traditionally speaking) they don’t have to “get over” themselves the same way men do.  Men are often taught to rely on their physical strength, which in fact gets in the way of effectively using technique and developing good “Aiki”.

Are kids permitted in the dojo?


We in fact encourage children to start as early as possible.  We’ve had students as young as 5 years old.  And because parents can take classes together with their children, our school is perfectly formulated to give kids the right balance of physical education, exercise, mental training and of course practical self-defense.  In addition, aside from bumping into a wall the occasionally time, kids tend NOT to be hurt.  Ask us about our training environment the next time you are in.

Students will enhance their self control/regulation, self defence, anti-bullying, and social skills in a non-aggressive, cooperative, safe setting. Aikido also helps to improve self esteem and confidence. 

What are the benefits of Aikido?

Aikido has many benefits.

Students will learn:

  • Centering
  • Calming
  • Confidence
  • Cooperation
  • Grounding
  • Mindfulness
  • Self regulation
  • Self control

Aikido is a “moving meditation” — it cultivates a meditative state of mind. Training can foster positive mental health, positive physical health / fitness, and good overall wellbeing.